Short paper on “Tuesday’s with Morrie”

Short paper on “Tuesday’s with Morrie”.

I’m studying for my Film class and need an explanation.

Please read the directions carefully and complete ALL parts of the assignment. Your discussion must offer an analytic study comparing and contrasting the course material as it pertains to this week’s movie. What qualities and characteristics does Morrie exhibit as a Shaman and Sage?”

Think about this as the question the movie is trying to answer, problem to be solved, issue to be clarified. Identify at least three key terms or concepts related the course material in your choice, note their meaning, and explain how the movie uses them to develop the story. Please note that you are not simply summarizing the film. The focus is related to particular elements depicted in the film and their relation to concepts encountered throughout the course. You must draw on material from the course material related to the movie as you make the respective connections including note of topic, major scene(s), and underlying themes. Paper should be at least 375 words and try to keep it under 750 words. (40 points).

Course material topics that we’ve gone over include: Shamanism, NDE, Gilgamesh, suicide, Augustine, Book of Revelation, Christians, Muslims, and Jews, Arjuna and Siddhartha, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Daoism and Chinese Buddhism.

Short paper on “Tuesday’s with Morrie”

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