Short Writing

Short Writing.

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

One of the most important skills good writers have is the ability to evaluate their own work. You must learn not to be precious about your words and your writing. Know your own strengths and weaknesses (which allows you to improve). You must also learn what works and doesn’t work in an essay, story, novel, etc. Even the best written sentence must sometimes be cut from a work because it doesn’t fit into the context or rhetorical situation at hand. The poet T.S. Eliot would keep sentences and lines of poetry for years until he found the right text in which to place it.

In that vein, examine your own writing. What do you think your biggest weaknesses as a writer are? What mistakes do you habitually make? Can you suggest why you make those mistakes? To sound intelligent? Is it just a bad habit?

Due: by Midnight on January 16, 2019

Length: 450 words

Short Writing

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