Simulator Hands-on Lab 2

Simulator Hands-on Lab 2.

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Click each link below to complete the following labs and practice questions:

6.5.5 Configure Trucking
6.6.5 Configure the Root Bridge
7.2.8 Enable OSPF Routing
7.4.4 Find Path Information 1
7.4.5 Find Path information 2

Note: To be able to do the labs correctly, you are encouraged to review the materials provided under the Section 6 – Switch Management and Section 7 – Routing sections of your TestOut account.

Once you complete your lab, click Done for your score to be submitted. You can do each lab up to three times. The average score will be considered. Create a word document showing the scored for these labs via screenshots to submit along with the course project document.


Simulator Hands-on Lab 2

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