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Social Change Blog.

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This week, you submit your first Assignment.

Keep in mind that the intent of your blog is to establish a forum for professional communication related to the field of psychology as related to social change. Your blog will focus on a specific social change or social justice topic and the role of psychology in that issue.

Your blog should maintain an academic voice and should be informed by literature and research. Your voice as the writer of the blog, therefore, should be a reflection of the literature and how the field of psychology informs your selected topic. The goal of this Assignment is to invite scholarly discussion in a manner that is accessible, engaging, and academically sound. While you may share your personal opinions, it is professionally imperative that your statements are grounded in the literature, even if your opinions diverge from the literature.

To prepare for this week’s submission:

  • Review the complete Final Assignment Instructions located in this week’s Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to Section II: Preparation. Make sure that you have addressed or are addressing all preparatory suggestions. Doing so will help you proceed with your blog creation in an informed and organized manner.
  • Develop a professional introduction of yourself to your blog readers. What information would you like to share with those who may view your blog? What appropriately communicates your credibility, qualifications, and interests? As you create your introduction, include questions or comments that encourage interaction with colleagues and others who will be viewing and contributing to the blog in the future.
  • Select the social change or social justice topic that will be the focus of your blog. What question or action, related to this topic, would you like to focus on that addresses the issue from the perspective of a developing psychologist?
  • Develop an introduction to the social change or social justice topic that will serve as the topic for your blog. Use the research literature to support the information about your topic and its role in or as a social change movement. Include a description of how you intend to structure your blog around the issue.
  • Begin to analyze how a selected theoretical framework shapes the behaviors and actions demonstrated in or around your social change or social justice topic. (You will address this further in your Week 7 Final Assignment submission.)

By Day 7 of this week:

Complete a 3- to 5-page paper that includes the following:

  • An introduction of the social change issue that will serve as the topic for your blog. You must support the information discussed in your blog with scholarly research and information addressing your topic, its role in or as a social change movement, and how you intend to structure your blog around this issue.
  • A description of the social change or social justice topic that you will address in your blog, including the following:

Social Change Blog

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