Social Media Assignment

Social Media Assignment.

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******2 PART ASSIGNMENT*****


1. Research the history of Facebook, Instagram, and 1 additional social media platform. You must conduct this research using the databases found on the GCC library website, and you must list each database used.

2. Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph of the history for each in number 1.

3. Write a 2 paragraph critique of what you learned in conducting this research and if it changed your view about social media. If it did not, explain why. If it did, explain how.

4. Answer the following question: If you were forced, by law, to omit the use of one social media platform – which would you choose and why? This can be a few sentences in length.

This activity is designed to increase your knowledge of the history of social media and to engage you in thinking about each platform.


1. Write a 2 paragraph op-ed about a social media platform you have researched. In your op-ed, state your position about the social media platform, if you have experience in using the platform, and what you feel could be done to make it more user friendly.

2. Select a newspaper, magazine, or online news agency you think you would like to send your op-ed in to for submission and exposure. (You do not have to send it to one, you just have to find one you could one day consider sending it to.) Include the name of the newspaper, magazine, online news agency and why you selected the one you choose.

Social Media Assignment

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