Social Work Psychosocial Assessment

Social Work Psychosocial Assessment.

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The whole paper should write to assess the case of Juan, which is in this document.

7 full pages double spaced


Discussion of your Assessment (40 Points)

a) Elaborate upon and support your formulation using relevant theory, practice, and research literature. Rely on primary source literature to support your discussion of developmental and practice theory. (e.g., Quote Erikson directly from his work — not as cited in another author’s work.)

b) Identify relevant cultural issues that contribute to your understanding of the client, and elaborate upon the impact of socio-cultural issues on the identified problem(s).

c) Identify environmental and macro-level barriers, which might present obstacles to successful resolution of the identified problem. This section of the paper should include a discussion of the “person-in-situation” aspect of the case, looking at the way in which the client’s greater social environment plays a role in the development and maintenance of the identified problem and its solution. (e.g., the client requires treatment for a substance use disorder and the community is lacking in these services.

d) Identify any ethical dilemmas and steps taken to resolve them. If there are no ethical dilemmas that required your action in this case, elaborate on potential areas of ethical consideration.

Also, the part A should firstly write the psychosocial formulation and then explain or support it by using theories and practice, which should be cited from the first hand resources. Below is the guideline of psychosocial formulation. Psychosocial Formulation: Please note: a formulation is not a summary. Sections 1–9 organize facts. The formulation goes beyond the facts to ask the clinician to state the answer to “What do you think is going on with this client?” The formulation should include your understanding and hypotheses regarding the client’s problems, which include theoretical connections between past and present stressors, developmental/life cycle issues, characteristic defense mechanisms, the relationship between emotional and somatic reactions and life events, their quality of relationships relative to their attachment style, available resources from the larger systems and assessment of strengths.

Social Work Psychosocial Assessment

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