sociology of sports

sociology of sports.

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Choose one to answer, must be at least 1 page single spaced.

1. Professional team sport owners receive public subsidies. Identify at least two forms this takes, and discuss how it benefits the professional team sports owners.

2. Each form of the mass media has made an impact on sport in its own way, but television has had the most profound impact. Describe television’s impact on the following : revenue, popularity shifts, game modifications, and redefining the meaning of the competition.

3. Based on the readings and discussion in this class, write a response to the following statement : “Participation in sport is an excellent avenue for upward social mobility in American society.”

4. Respond to the following statement : “Although many positive changes have occurred, sport remains racist in many respects.” If you think the statement is true, describe the ways that racism exists; if you think it is false, describe the evidence showing that it is false.

5. Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972 was a landmark piece of federal legislation. How did it relate to sports for females, and what have been its consequences for females ?

sociology of sports

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