southeast asia discussion reply

southeast asia discussion reply.

Can you help me understand this Geography question?

Here is the students post that I have to reply to:- under that are the discussion requirements.

Students post:

There have been vast social issues in Southeast Asia historically to todays time. One of them being the opium production and trade. “Burma, Laos, and Thailand much of mainland Southeast Asia’s remaining forest areas; they are known for the fields of opium poppies that historically provided as much as half of the global supply of heroin in an area now known as the Golden Triangle.” This is really important because of the addiction to heroin and the mass production of global supply around the world. “The united nations estimate that there are 11 million opium and heroin addicts worldwide.” This alone has contributed to the AIDS/HIV epidemic as well through shared needles. (pg 416) Another way the AIDS/HIV epidemic is concurrent is through the sex work and trafficking. “Thailand, where HIV was detected earliest, has been able to midgrade the crisis though outreach and prevention. A campaign to promote 100% condom use in commercial sex work in the late 1990s helped curve the epidemic.”

Another major issue in Southeast Asia is weakened infrastructure, after the North and South Vietnam it has increased the amount of people living in the areas. “These cities have grown so rapidly that they have serious problems of overurbanization, such as insufficient employment opportunities, an inadequate water supply, sewage problems, and deficient housing.” (pg 422)

There have been several reforms through outreaches and preventions, as well as trying to eradicate the production and use of opioids. However, I feel this is an on going process and it will take many more years to change the overurbanization, if the land can withstand.



  • Submit the required entries on time.
  • Based on the readings and the prompt, discuss what you agree with and disagree with in your classmate’s min-essay.
  • In your response show independent thinking, introduce a different opinion or perspective than those of your classmates
  • .
  • Provide an answer or engage with one of the questions (the one you find most interesting) from your classmate’s mini-essay.

southeast asia discussion reply

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