Staffing ( lesson 1)

Staffing ( lesson 1).

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Welcome to Lesson 1!

In this lesson, you will understand the staffing organizations model and how the various models fit into the organization staffing plan. You will also understand how strategic plans integrate with staffing plans. Finally, you will also understand KSAOs and learn how to develop them for an employee questionnaire.

The lesson is the “class” portion of the class. This is where you will put into action all that you have learned from the discussion and task. Are you ready to begin?

Since this is our first lesson, let’s take a tour of the course, then go through the discussion, task, and lesson

Using Microsoft word, write a 2 – 3 page paper on the importance of HR Planning in an organization. Describe the steps involved in the planning process. Discuss why planning is a critical step in the effective use of human capital in the organization.

  • Use APA formatting.

Staffing ( lesson 1)

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