Statement of Cash Flows Assessment – Accounting

Statement of Cash Flows Assessment – Accounting.

Need help with my Accounting question – I’m studying for my class.

I have an assignment due for Accounting that I need some assistance with. The work is explained in the attached word document. The excel attachment will provide the template for the work to be done. An additional word document with formatting guidelines will be provided, im not too picky about this, the numeric information is more important. An upload of the finished excel document is what I need.

Requirements include:

1. Tab 1 – Using a spreadsheet as a tool adding t-accounts/Summary entries to show work prepare the statement.

2. Tab 2 – The formal Statement of Cash Flows. This is worth points, but if you don’t show the work on Tab 1 you will not receive credit.

3. Tab 3 – Prepare the Cash Flows from Operating Activities applying the Indirect Method.

Statement of Cash Flows Assessment – Accounting

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