Strings in java script

Strings in java script.

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string). #11 Strings in Javascript include a method function named search() that will search for the first occurrence of any character in a search string. For example index =[ .,;:’!?]/); finds the location of the first occurrence of a space or punctuation mark in the string named phase. The value of index is set to location of the character in the string or is set to -1 otherwise. We can use this function to write our own function for removing spaces and punctuation characters from a string. The algorithm for doing this task is as follows: ALGORITHM: Remove spaces and punctuation marks from a string PROCEDURE: index =[ .,;:’!?]/); WHILE a space or punctuation character is not found phrase = phrase.substring(0,index) + phrase.substring(index+1,phrase.length) index =[ .,;;’!?]) END WHILE Write a Javascript function strip() that takes a string as an input parameter and returns a string with all spaces and punctuation marks removed. Attach a PDF containing the source code to this function as your response to this question.

Strings in java script

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