Students will define and explain the following terms;

Students will define and explain the following terms;.

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use details and be descriptive as possible.

Environmental Hazards:

  • Identify the basic environmental hazards the real estate professional should be aware of for the protection of client interests as well as the personal risk of liability for nondisclosure;
  • Describe groundwater, water table, and the provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act;
  • Describe the issues involved with underground storage tanks, and the associated legal requirements facing the property owner;
  • Explain the regulation involved in the creation and operation of waste disposal sites and in the control of brownfields;
  • List the various federal laws which protect the public from uncontrolled hazardous waste, and the liability issues facing those who violate any of these laws; and
  • Explain the responsibilities and duties of real estate professionals regarding environmental issues.

Land control and Property Development

  • Explain the concept of police power and the provisions under which it protects the public’s health, safety, and welfare;
  • Explain zoning ordinances, permits, and property use;
  • Define building codes as they relate to the requirements and restrictions placed on construction standards;
  • Explain the issues and regulations involved in subdivisions;
  • Explain non-governmental (private) land-use restrictions: covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs); and
  • Describe the various laws and agencies which regulate land sales.

Students will define and explain the following terms;

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