Study Of A Life Journey

Write a paper on the life journey of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The paper should do the following: /0x4*

Describe the life journey of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

– Apply Freud’s, Erikson’s, or Maslow’s theory to discuss and explain the development of the person’s life that is your subject, addressing each of the seven stages listed below.

Evaluate whether and in what ways the theory has explanatory power for each stage of the life under examination.

For any life stages for which the theory was unable to adequately explain, model, and/or otherwise cast light on the life, critique those shortcomings of the theory and identify those unique characteristics of the life that explain the divergence between the life and the theoretical conception.

The following stages of life must be included:

Prenatal and Infancy
Early childhood
Middle childhood
Emerging adulthood
Adulthood (assuming you or your historical figure has reached 30)
Late adulthood (if you or your historical figure have reached or did reach that stage).

Support your application and evaluation of the theory to the life with citations from the course textbook reference and at least four outside peer-reviewed resources.

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