summarize the following video

summarize the following video.

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PROMPT: and other sources on the Internet have videos depicting sexual harassment for training — to define, illustrate and explain it. Not all of these are good ones. For this Forum:

1. Browse YouTube (or other Internet source) and select a video that you believe is a good vehicle to use in workplace training about sexual harassment. Include its title and the URL link in your main post. (Please use the link icon in the menu to paste in the URL so that it can be easily clicked from your post to access your video choice.)

Then, in a minimum of 275 words:

2. Briefly summarize the video presentation.

3. Explain: (1) why you consider this a good, effective video for training; and (2) how you would use it as part of a workplace training presentation. Considerations you should include (but are not limited to): (a) clear definition and explanation of sexual harassment are provided; (b) illustration is instructive and effective for a training discussion because…..; and (c) how type(s) of harassment are clearly illustrated (quid pro quo, hostile environment, both?). Will use of this video assist the employer in meeting its responsibility as described in the Faragher case (see below)?

You must use other sources in addition to the video to support your discussion. As a part of your research, for an understanding of sexual harassment elements and considerations, see and cases reported there. Additional source to review and research for this Forum: Faragher v. Boca Raton, 524 U.S. 775 (1998), U.S. Supreme Court Case. This was the seminal case in which the Court found an employer’s communication of a sexual harassment policy to employees to be inadequate. This case established the need for an employer having a policy and training, from which the law has developed since.

summarize the following video

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