Supporting and Supervising Staff Scenario

Supporting and Supervising Staff Scenario.

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 7 in the textbook. Next, choose one of the following questions that were asked in this chapter of Ria Palet, of the National School District:

  • How might you support and mentor a staff member who was struggling to meet the expectations of the job? Address at least two different issues in your post. (Examples: issues with time management, maintaining confidentiality, and handling misbehavior. You may use these or your own choices.)

Based on the question you choose, create a four-week plan to support your staff member. The following must be included in your four-week plan:

  • At least one resource and an explanation of why you included this resource to benefit your staff member.
  • A reflection focus and question piece. What is your end goal?
  • Two face-to-face meetings with a predetermined focus question for both meetings.
  • An evaluation component for the final meeting that will prove that this intervention was successful. How will you know that your plan was successful?
  • Complete your four-week plan as a Word document and add as an attachment to the discussion to include the days you plan on meeting.

Supporting and Supervising Staff Scenario

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