SWOT Analysis – Strengths and Weaknesses (Internal Factors)

SWOT Analysis – Strengths and Weaknesses (Internal Factors).

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Now that the Director-General has received the first part of your SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats), she now needs the second part of your plan to communicate quickly and effectively in all of the affected areas.

For this Part Two of the SWOT, the Director-General wants you to address the following items in a written document:

  • Fully analyze strengths and weaknesses in implementing a lingua franca. Discuss the possible human and physical resources of the WHO and any other current internal systems or processes you think might help or hinder your plan to use a lingua franca or bridge language to communicate in this scenario.
  • Describe what resources (financial, human, or physical) will be needed to implement the communication plan which uses a lingua franca in this scenario situation. Give examples and specifics for the Director-General.
  • Contrast the advantages of the markup language communication method you chose and the disadvantages of the others (include existing lingua francas, computer languages, human languages, and symbolic languages). Demonstrate clearly to the Director-General that your communication method is the best choice without any doubt.
  • Outline the problems you foresee in the implementation of your lingua franca communication plan – Could there be possible problems and delays in these areas: Technical? Social? Cultural? Training? Support? Difficulty? Time? Clearly discuss these with specifics and examples.

Use the bullet point questions above to create a 2-3-page analysis of the strengths and weaknesses on a Word document. The analysis should use a clear introduction paragraph and well-developed body paragraphs to clearly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of using a markup language in this scenario situation. Be sure to thoroughly analyze each of these bullet points by providing a few paragraphs of substantiated analysis for each bullet point concept.

SWOT Analysis – Strengths and Weaknesses (Internal Factors)

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