Teaching the parables

Teaching the parables.

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Teaching the Parable

In four to five pages, construct a lesson plan to teach your students about the parables of the kingdom. Your objective is not only to communicate the content of representative parables and the distinctiveness of parables of the kingdom vis-à-vis other types of Jesus’ parables but also to teach your students better reading comprehension through them. As should be clear, comprehending the parables is also an exercise in comprehending the culture within which they were given. Thus, this exercise in reading comprehension is not merely to understand the “first narrative” of the parable but also the text of the culture in order to construct a “second narrative” that makes sense of both, and this should be the primary goal of your lesson plan. Be sure to specify the age group you have in mind and give a little bit of background regarding the context in which they are being taught (urban/rural, financially secure/insecure, and so on).

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research.

Teaching the parables

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