Technical Document: Recommendation Memo

Technical Document: Recommendation Memo.

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Identify a dangerous or inconvenient area or situation at your job, at your residence, or in your community (i.e. endless cafeteria lines, an unsafe walkway, slippery stairs, a bad intersection, etc). Observe the problem for several hours during a peak use period. Write a recommendation report to a specifically identified decision maker (the head of campus security or your landlord, for example) describing the problem, listing your observations, and making a recommendation.

Any outside research for this assignment, be sure to cite it within the text and include an APA-style References page.

Your recommendation report should be at least 250 polished, edited words, addressed to a specific person with an appropriate subject line specific to the situation, and it should be formatted like a business memo. Business memo template is attached.

Technical Document: Recommendation Memo

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