Term paper

Term paper.

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Part 1 (separate part)

  • Write a 25 word analysis of your work, progress and success. A graph MUST be included in your writing to show change or success. Your current log showing previous workout info should be included to support your writing and graph. Include what is working for you in your workouts and what changes your have made in your diet, exercise, sleep, mood, measurements, weight or overall feeling.
  • Part 2 (separate part) should be a minimum of 250 words in length (1-2 pages double-spaced), in 12 point, Times New Roman type, and meet the following minimum objectives:1) provide a review, reflection, and response to the topic, which should involve learning from your readings and personal research, self-assessments, class activities; and/or any other engagement with the web links and other materials in this class; 2) provide an assessment of how you think the disease may have affected you, someone you know, or society in general, and how you can apply your present knowledge of the health risks associated with the disease; and,3) provide some advice relating to this general topic of the disease that you might give yourself or others regarding the benefits of a pro-active approach to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Write your term paper on any of the following subjects:
    • Alzheimer Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Crohns Disease
    • Meningitis
    • Bone Cancer

Term paper

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