tha 101 playing view

tha 101 playing view.

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Option 1: You may expand your written response to FIFTH OF JULY to a short essay of about 600 words. (You must complete the original response to my prompt about these video-recordings first, in order to qualify for this extra credit option.) This essay should thoughtfully incorporate a short quotation from at least ONE of the essays in the “What is (element of theater)?” (performance, theater, acting, audience, design, or directing) section of the course. For example, you could talk about Twilight as an example of Grotowski’s “Poor Theater,” because the main focus is on the acting and the relationship between actor and audience rather than on design (it might also qualifies as “poor theater” because it utilizes a cast of only one actor, and breaks the fourth wall repeatedly, keeping the audience engaged with the actor.) Conversely, you could integrate a quotation from Auslander’s “Liveness” essay, and discuss how Deveare Smith integrates video recordings from a past event into her theater piece, which makes it more of a “multimedia” performance (this would contradict the argument that it is truly “poor theater.”) Another example: you could discuss Fifth of July in terms of its acting, direction, or the various visually-designed production elements including set, costume, lighting, etc. (For example: the play moves from inside to outdoors between the two acts: how does this setting change impact the story? how does the setting impact the theme or message of the play? how do Shirley’s costumes impact the theme of the play? etc.) Please upload the essay in MS Word or PDF form only, and be sure that your essay includes a SHORT quotation from one of the secondary readings that is artfully integrated into your discussion.

tha 101 playing view

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