The Amanda Knox Case

Use the judicial processes and terms you have learned thus far from the course textbook, videos, and class discussions, in order to analyze the Amanda Knox case (or any current criminal case of your choosing) by providing your viewpoints on the following (and using first person)?for this assignment only: /0x4*

Did law enforcement make any mistakes in their investigation/arrest (i.e. unreasonable search/seizure, etc.)?
Did the courtroom workgroup (prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, jury) perform their jobs to the fullest? Why or why not?
Did the CSI effect influence the trial?
In what ways did the media help or hinder this case?
Do you believe the defendant committed the crime(s) she/he has been accused of? Why or why not?
What was the outcome of the trial and have there been any appeals? If so, provide your viewpoint on the appeals) and results.
Anything else of interest or fascination that you can add from review the case details as provided from the course textbook, PowerPoint and/or from outside resources.
This assignment is worth 150 points. Please refer to the criminal case review grading rubric to see how you will be evaluated on this assignment. This review should be written in 2- to 3-pages and uses first-person. APA formatting is required including a title page and reference page, but no abstract.

You will need a minimum of three sources:

The course textbook or the PowerPoint slide presentation(s) for this week
A scholarly peer-reviewed source from a database within Galileo (By now you should know what constitutes a scholarly peer-reviewed source)
A reputable external website (i.e. governmental website, well-known news agency [i.e. Fox or CBS news], or other credible site – Wikipedia is not a credible or reputable external website source).

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