the construction center I already did the poster with the rules. Is just a basic essay I don’t need citation in this assignment but I really need to write a page at least with all the instruction the professor required to write on the assignment is due tomorrow at 10 pm. the rules 1. two persons per center 2. Use inside voices 3. Blocks remain on carpet 4. Build as high as your chest 5. clean up

ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION Due Date Sunday, October 16, 2022 11:59 PM Points Possible 100 Classroom Rules/Expectations Poster: You will create an aesthetically pleasing rules poster (or sign) for your future classroom tied to a theme for your classroom. Use colors, text and picture balance, and professional lettering. No writing with magic markers is permitted. Professional lettering includes the use of calligraphy, stencils, vinyl lettering, or computer-generated text. Posters will be shared and displayed in our class. A 1-2 page written explanation of your rules/expectations poster will accompany your actual poster. The written explanation should include the following: Rules, Rewards, Consequences, Theme A discussion on how you arrived at your rules/expectations A discussion/explanation for each rule/expectation on your poster A discussion of the role of students in introducing your poster A discussion on how your rules/expectations will be communicated and explained to the parents/caregivers of your students. A discussion on the role of consequences related to your rules/expectations RUBRIC ASSIGNMENT #1 You will be graded on the following criteria: Developmentally Appropriate Rules/Rewards/Consequence 30 points Relevanancy 30 points Aesthetics of poster 30 points Adhering to instructions 5 points Grammar

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