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Paper details Writing a Short Story from a Play Today, you will begin the process of adapting a play into a short story. For my first-period students, you also have the option of adapting a short story (What We Saw download) into a play. You can choose any of the three plays we have read this week. Horton Hears a Who.pdf download Revenge of the Gods Play.pdf download The Emperor’s New Clothes Play.pdf download Using your plot chart and the play, rewrite the play as a short story. Include all plot elements in your story. Write in paragraphs and sentences, just like other short stories we have read. Please watch this video demonstrating how to do this. Your short story is due Friday, May 21, 2021. UP POSE Moral of the Story Vain means too proud of your appearance.

As you read, think about how being vain affects the Emperor and other characters in the play. What lesson-or moral-do they learn? LOOK FOR WORD NERD’S 10 WORDS IN B0LD Scene 1 The Imperial Palace N1: Once there was a vain and foolish Emperor whispers to the Minister of Culture. Palace Guard: They say if you are stupid, the cloth is invisible to you. N3: The Minister of Culture speaks to the Lord Chancellor. who was obsessed with his wardrobe. Emperor: So…how do I look? Courtier 1: You look fantastic! Love the gold embroidery on your robe. Courtier2: Of the five outfits you’ve worn today, this is by far the shiniest. N2: The Lord Chancellor shakes his head and Minister of Culture:A wise person like you is sure to see the cloth. NI: The Lord Chancellor speaks to the Emperor. Lord Chancellor: They say it is a cloth so fine, fools can’t see it. Clearly, it’s alll nonsense. Emperor: Bring these tailors to me at once! Lord Chancellor: But Your Majesty.. Emperor: I must have a suit of this magnificent cloth for my annual appearance before my subjects. sighs. Lord Chancellor: It is certainly the most expensive. N3: Word of the Emperor’s vanity spread far and wide. N1: Hearing it, two scoundrels decide to Lord Chancellor: But… pose as tailors. Tailor 1: I know Emperor: At once! . Scene 2 The Royal Chamber N2: The tailors begin taking the Emperor’s how we can take advantage of this fool. Tailor 2: Flattery.

Works every time. Let’s go talk to the palace guard. Palace Guard: No one measurements. Tailor 1: I’ve got 22 inches for his arms. is allowed beyond these gates to see the Emperor. Tailor 1: But we are Tailor 2: I’ve got 64 inches for his legs. Wow, impressive! Emperor:I pride myself on my long legs. Tailor 1: We’ll have to the best tailorsin the empire. Tailor 2: We can weave yards and yards of cloth to make this suit. weave a cloth so Tailor 2: It’s going to cost three sacks of gold. Tailor 1: At least. magnificent that fools can’t see it. Palace Guard: Hmm. Wait here. Lord Chancellor: Three sacks of gold? That’s enough to buy two N2: The palace guard 18 STORY WORKS castles and a moat! Emperor I could use a new moat.. . Tailor 2: Ah, but Your Majesty, you will have the finest suit in the land! Tailor 1: With a matching robe. Tailor 2: And you will be able to identify all the fools around you by observing whether they can see your fine suit or not. Emperor That settles it. Lord Chancellor, open up my royal treasury. Pay these tailors whatever they request. Lord Chancellor: Are you sure, Sire? No one has ever heard of these tailors.

Tailor 1: We’re the empire’s best kept secret. Only the most stylish royals know who we are. Tailor 2: And that includes you, Your Majesty, does it not? Emperor; Absolutely. I’ll go down in history as the best-dressed Emperor who ever lived. Lord Chancellor: I fear, Your Majesty, that you may go down in history as a fool. (Emperor: How dare you question met’Hand over the keys to the treasury. Out of my sight! TyiT7ITTTTYT Tailor 1: This is by far the most-fantastic fabric Scene 33 we’ve ever woven. The Palace Sewing Roonm N3: The day before his annual appearance, the Emperor commands his royal dresser to visit the tailors and check on their progress. NI: The tailors put on quite a show. N2: They snip the air with their scissors. N3: They pretend to sew with their needles. Tailor 1: Isn’t this pattern superb Tailor 2: The colors are dazzling. It almost hurts my eyes. Ni: The royal dresser peers closely at the fabric.” Royal Dresser (to himself): Oh no! I don’t see anything! Tailor 2: Worth every piece of gold we asked for, right? Royal Dresser: Well, tailors, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s truly.. . uh indescribable.

Tailor 1: So what will you tell the Emperor? Www.sCHOLASTIC. cOM/STORYWORKS SEPTEMBER 2012 19 N2: The royal dresser thinks really hard. Royal Dresser (to himself): I don’t see anything. If the Emperor finds out I’ma fool, Ill lose my cushy job. N3: The royal dresser looks at the tailors and smiles. Royal Dresser: I think this garment will suit the Emperor beyond his wildest expectations. Tailor 2 (smirking): Well said, my friend. Scene 4 The Royal Chamber N1: The Emperor is pacing the floor of his royal chamber. Emperor: Where are my new clothes? The ceremóny begins in 10 minutes. N2: The tailors burst through the door. Tailors 1 and 2: We’re here! N3: Their arms are outstretched, straining with the weight of imaginary garments. Emperor: Finally, my clothes Tailor 1: Try them on, Sire. Emperor: Where are they? Tailor 2: Can’t you see them? I’m holding them up. N1: The Emperor nearly faints. He sits down on his throne. We worked especially hard on your royal Emperor (to himself): I don’t see them. This can’t possibly be. N2: The Emperor calls out to the royal dresser. Emperor: Bring me my glasses. Royal Dresser: Which glasses, Sire? You have coat of arms. Tailor 1: Your Majesty, permit us to help you try them on. N3: As the Emperor begins to remove his clothes, he hesitates. But he comforts himself that in his new suit, he will appear undressed only to fools. NI: The royal dresser holds up a mirror. Royal Dresser: Your Majesty, it’s astonishing how well these clothes suit you. Emperor: You really think so? Royal Dresser: Without question! Courtiers, don’t you agree?

Courtier 1: Yes, it’s a whole new you. Courtier 2: And it realy shows off your complexion. sO many. Emperor: The ones that help me see! N3: Even with his strongest glasses, the Emperor cannot see the new clothes. NI: But he can’tpossibly admit that. N2: That would mean he is a fool. Emperor: These clothes are truly magnificent. This robe is just the right length. Tailor 1: Robe? Those are the socks. Emperor: Oh, yes. I meant socks. Tailor 2: Just kidding. Of course it’s your ro 20 S T ORY WORKS you’re a fool. Then you won’t see them at all. Subject 1: I went to university. l’m sure to see the clothes. N3:/The Emperor steps out onto the balcony wearing only his crown. Emperor: I proudly stand before you in my magnificent new clothes! N1: Shocked, the people hesitate, then start cheering. Subject 2: He looks amazing. Subject 1: Dazzling! Subject 2: So royal. N2: Then a little child points at the Emperor and laughs. Child: Look, the Emperor has no clothes! (N3) As if a spell has been broken, everyone begins to laugh. Subject 1: He’s not wearing anything! Subject 2: We can see his goose bumps! Ni:The Emperor runs from the balcony. N2:He realizes he’s been tricked, but it’s too te. The tailors have already fled with his gold. Tailor 1: And his pride. Tailor 2: Ha-ha! N3: The Emperor calls for his Lord Chancellor. Emperor: I truly am a fool. Why didn’t you stop me? N

Tailor 2: Well, Your Majesty? Emperor: You’ve done a splendid job. Lord Chancellor: I tried, but you didn’t want to listen. Emperor: Can someone bring me some clothes? Some real clothes? N1: From then on, the Emperor was never as interested in his wardrobe. Scene 55 Outside the Palace N2:The Emperor’s royal subjects gather outside the palace gates. Palace Guard: Step back. You’ll all get a chance to see His Majesty’s new clothes-unless N2: And he was a much better-and wiser Emperor. e WRITE TO WIN! What lesson do the Emperor and the other characters learn from the child? Write your answer in a well-organized paragraph, and send it to “Emperor Contest” by October 15, 2012. Ten winners will each receive a copy of Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu. See page 2 for details. ww. FIND AN ACTIVITY SHEET ONLINE! Breaderumbs Anne Urss www.scHOLASTIc.coM/STORYWORKS SEPTEMBER 2012 21 **This short story reading project is for middle school.**

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