The ethical problem around respect for privacy

The ethical problem around respect for privacy.

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The research paper is an original essay in which each student will propose and defend a resolution to an ethical dilemma that arises in their major or chosen profession. This paper will draw on insights from a professional code of ethics and other outside research. The paper should demonstrate awareness of the nature of individual research within a scholarly context appropriate to genre and discipline. It will present persuasive and original reasoning in a justifiable, logical, and creative fashion that is within a scholarly context and presented and documented in a style that meets professional standards. The paper will be at least 15-20 pages in length. All papers will be submitted through TurnItIn to assess any academic dishonesty issues. It is recommended that students submit their paper prior to the due date in order to correct any issues involving citation or plagiarism.

Nowadays, in the society we live in, privacy is quickly decreasing especially since the advent of social networks. Considering that, in my opinion privacy is subject of a very sensible and important topic, it is necessary and fundamental to keep personal private information confidential especially knowing that social networks such as Facebook was subject of controversial topic by selling private information from facebook users to Cambridge Analytica.

Thesis : To what extent can we impose respect for privacy ?

Preliminary outline (remember, it’s for a 15-20 page paper).

  • Introduction
  • Fourth amendment
  • Creation of social networks and its relation to privacy
  • Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal
  • Impact on the society of mis-used personal information
  • Conclusion

The paper requires to include certain philosophers such as : Aristotle, Hume, Kant, JS Mill, Nietzsche, Benedict, Sartre, Kane, Noddings and Kane. Use the one’s who’s either, moral, ethics or philosophy align the most to the topic of this paper. Do not forget to cite.

Conclusion needs to be inspired on the one bellow :

The conclusion of my research analysis is that, the more technologically forged our world becomes, the more respect for our privacy disappears. Therefore, privacy is based upon absolute values such as freedom from personal harassment of any scale, property rights and can still be imposed if re-enginered and acceptable standards of conduct are taken into account.

Feel free to use any other examples as long as the source is cited and the paper follows APA FORMAT.

The ethical problem around respect for privacy

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