The Later 20th Century

For each question below, compose a short answer (approximately 200-300 words), using examples from the primary text(s) for support. /0x4*

Remember, submit this as a Microsoft Word attachment, on or before the due date listed on the Calendar.

1) How has Ginsberg’s vision of America proven accurate, and how has it not?

2) Who is Lazarus? What parallels does Plath draw, and are they appropriate? Why/why not?

3) Has Joan or Richard initiated the idea of separating in John Updike’s “Separating”? How do you know? How is Richard feeling about his separation at the end of Updike’s story “Separating”?

4) Explicate the roles of race and class in Morrison?s ?Recitatif?. In the end, what does the story have to say regarding these components of identity?

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