The Law and Ethical Considerations

Overview: There are times when HR professionals are faced with workplace situations where the laws and policies are evolving and yet ethical consideratio
Below is an emerging workplace situation where there is no absolute right or wrong answer, but the situation needs to be analyzed from various points of vi
Description of the situation: An employee posted derogatory remarks about the organization and about another worker on Facebook. The organization’s po
free expression just “offensive” and “harmful” speech. The supervisor is concerned that the posting was dehumanizing, humiliating and could incite hatred ag
because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. The supervisor comes to the HR manager to ask for guidance on how to address the e
Action: Respond to all questions below. Utilize resources from the class and make sure to have at least three sources as part of your final paper. Answer eac
narrative form (not bullet points). Use the outline below as a way to organize your response and comments.

  1. Applying the SHRM Code of Ethics: Describe what aspects of the SHRM Code of Ethics would apply in this situation from the perspective role of an
  2. Legal and Ethical Considerations: What are the various considerations that need to be discussed regarding facts, affected parties, and who should be
    a. Identify and summarize the relevant facts. Describe key facts along with any policies, procedures, guidelines, best practices, applicable laws an
    handbooks/internal publications.
    b. Identify affected parties. Describe who is likely to be impacted.
    c. Identify who should be involved in any resolution. Identify who, as well as when and why they should be involved.
  3. Possible Courses of Action: What might be some possible courses of action as it relates to the following:
    d. What are potential legal remedies that can be taken?
    e. What policies or procedures need to be reviewed, revised, or created?
    3/30/2021 Assignment 3 – The Law and Ethical Considerations – HRMN 408 6980 Employment Law for Business (2212) – UMGC Learning Management System 2/4
    f. What role should the HR professional play in this situation?
    g. What kind of employee training might be needed in the future to address this concern?
    h. What advice would you as the HR professional provide to the supervisor?

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