The paper is done, I only need to follow the comments of my professor and complete properly the assignment

The paper is done, I only need to follow the comments of my professor and complete properly the assignment.

I don’t understand this Business question and need help to study.

I attache some materials for context

This the prompt

Your ultimate research paper will merge material from the previous assignments into a single document that resembles a typical published sociological study. The highlighted portions of the paper below should come from:

  • the paper proposal
  • Data Project 1
  • Data Project 2

This very short document can tell you more about the traditional format of a journal article.

Your paper will include the following sections (I recommend treating this outline like a checklist):

  • Introduction
    • What occupation are you studying, and why?
    • How can studying this occupation tell us something sociological about work, in general? (adapted from paper proposal)
  • Background and Theory
    • Provide a “big-picture” description of your selected occupation (description of the basic tasks, summary of average pay, demographic characteristics, education, etc., including the Census data table). (adapted from data projects 1 and 2)
    • Summarize key research and theory about the dimensions of work that are most relevant for sociologically understanding workers’ experiences in this occupation. You will need to cite theories and published studies from the lecture and reading.
  • Methods
    • Describe how you conducted the content analysis of online employer reviews. (adapted from Data Project 1)
    • Describe how you conducted your observational or interview research. (adapted from Data Project 2)
  • Results
    • Summarize the results from the employer reviews. What are key dimensions of work that workers in the occupation find most relevant for evaluating employers? Include the combined summary table of the reviews from Data Project 1 (adapted from Data Project 1)
    • Summarize the results from your original data collection. What are the key dimensions of work that emerge from these data? (adapted from Data Project 2)
    • How do these patterns differ between the types of data (i.e., what does one data project tell you that the other doesn’t)?
  • Conclusion
    • Briefly summarize what you learned about workers’ experiences in this occupation beyond what you described in the theory/background section.
    • Discuss the strengths and limitations of the methods used in your study. (adapted from Data Projects 1 and 2)


The completed paper should be 8 to 15 pages long, not including the bibliography or tables. You will very likely need to shorten portions of your Data Projects that you include in the paper.

Please cite at least five (5) peer-reviewed sources (other than the course textbook) using ASA citation format (链接到外部网站。). Microsoft Word includes a citation manager tool that automatically formats your in-line citations and creates your bibliography (instructions here (链接到外部网站。)). Using the Microsoft Word tool, Chicago citation style is close enough to ASA

I have some comments from my professor, can you check the essay with these, provide tips at the end

Where does my research question go?

Your research questions should go in the introduction. I recommend placing it at the end of the paragraph that describes why your paragraph is sociologically interesting. Remember that in addition to your research question from Data Project 2, your paper also asks what dimensions of work are most relevant from the perspective of workers in the selected occupation.

Do I need to include the Census data table and combined table summarizing the Glassdoor reviews?

Yes. Please see the research paper outline on Canvas.

Do the studies I cite in the Background/Theory section need to be about my occupation?

No. These studies should be about how the key dimensions of work that you’ll eventually analyze in your data are relevant for workers in general.

Do I need to use a specific formal theory for my paper?

No. Some research questions are closely aligned with key sociological theories of work. Others are not necessarily.

Do I need to describe the most important dimensions of work that emerged in my data in the Methods section?

No. The Methods section describes your process for collecting and coding data. For example, what dimensions of work did you code the data for? The Results section should describe the actual patterns in your data.

Should my summary of Data Project 1 also answer my research question from Data Project 2?

Not necessarily. Your paper should focus on both that research question and the dimensions of work that emerge as most important for workers in that occupation. It’s fine if your data from Data Project 1 can’t address the research question from Data Project 2. These data still help identify what emerges as important for workers.

Should my summary of Data Project 1 describe every dimension from the reviews?

No. Focus on the dimensions that explain the differences in overall evaluations/recommendations for the employers.

My feedback from Data Project 2 said that some of my observations in my write-up were not part of my interview/field notes. Can I still describe my knowledge about the occupation from beyond my interview/observation?

Yes. Simply be sure to describe where every part of your results come from. For example, you can state that you know something from having worked in that occupation in the past or from informal conversations with your interviewee outside of your interview.

Do I need to use parenthetical citations for my interview/observation notes?


Do I need to upload my Excel file from Data Project 1 and transcript/field notes from Data Project 2?


Should all the sections of the paper be the same length?

No. The Results section should be the longest. The Results are the product of all your hard work—tell us what you found! The Introduction and Conclusion can be just two or three paragraphs. The Background and Theory section can be three or four paragraphs. The specific length depends on how much material you think is necessary to address the required bullet points in the outline.

The paper is done, I only need to follow the comments of my professor and complete properly the assignment

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