The purpose of marketing

The purpose of marketing Read the Mander quote below and respond to it. Your response should reflect the perspective and analytical thought of a graduate student and a mature critical thinker.

Quote: ***“The only need that is expressed in advertising is the need of advertisers to accelerate the process of conversion of raw materials with no intrinsic value into commodities that people will buy…The goal of all advertising is discontent or, to put it another way, an internal scarcity of contentment. This must be continually created, even at the moment when one has finally bought something. In that event, advertising has the task of creating discontent with what has just been bought, since once that act is completed, the purchase has no further benefit to the market system. The newly purchased commodity must be gotten rid of and replaced by the “need” for a new commodity as soon as possible.” – Jerry Mander, 1978, in Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television… (cited in Mission Inc., Lynch and Walls, p. 2–3) –

-Be sure that you discuss whether you agree, and explain why. –Specifically address how your faith and values shape your interpretation of this quote and how it either conforms to or conflicts with that faith. –Defend your response through citations and examples.

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