The Role of Creativity and Innovation in Business:

Paper details For this Assignment, you will play the role of a consultant who has been brought in to help the leadership of a company struggling to evolve in the current market. You will present a report to the CEO in which you analyze the relationship of creativity and innovation to business practices.

The company’s CEO, Gabriel Marron, has been resistant to change for the past 25 years, and the company recently began losing market share to other competitors. After months of being in denial, the CEO is finally open to considering the idea of implementing innovative approaches to reclaim the company’s former position at the top. Gabriel admits that it is simply not in his nature to value innovation. Sticking to tried and true methods has always worked favorably throughout his career, but you are being brought in because that is proving to no longer be the case. In your report, you will draw the connection between creativity, innovation, and business practices.

With those thoughts in mind, construct Part 1 of your report to the CEO with the following section, being sure to incorporate appropriate business examples (as indicated), as well as citations for relevant academic resources from the classroom, the Walden Library, and/or other appropriate scholarly sources to support your work.

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