The Tempest in relation to King Lear.

The Tempest in relation to King Lear..

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I would like you to discuss The Tempest in relation to King Lear. If King Lear presents us with a very dark and apocalyptic tragic vision, then does The Tempest represent the “promised end”? This paper should focus on the significant relationship between The Tempest and King Lear. You may make appropriate brief references to other tragedies, but I want you to focus on Shakespeare’s last play as an ending. Of course you may reference any secondary material that I have provided, particularly Revelation. You may also bring Aristotle to bear, if appropriate. This last play is so rich with references to the tragedies, but the tragic vision seems to have resolved itself in The Tempest or does it? It could be analyzed either way.

The Tempest in relation to King Lear.

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