the topic is “Connecticut lottery”

the topic is “Connecticut lottery”.

I’m trying to study for my Law course and I need some help to understand this question.

Description of incident: Outline your incident (who/what/when/where); describe what factually happened. This should include a brief description of the “normal” activity of the location-what happens there on a day-to-day basis? (approx. 1 page)

Why did this occur? motivation(s) of the suspect(s)-include any pertinent background and goals of action taken by the offender. (approx. 1 page)

Method(s) used by the offender(s) to effect their intended outcome.Explain any groundwork the suspect laid, and give an accounting of all the tools they used (like weapons, vehicles, other people, social media, etc) (approx. 1 page)

Were there any controls in place to detect/prevent/intervene during the incident? If so, describe. Did they work as intended? Were they adequate? (approx. 1-2 pages)

Now picture yourself as the person in charge of the above workplace & employees. Explain the steps you will be taking to prevent, detect, intervene during and recover from an incident, if a similar (or the same) incident were to happen again at a similar (or the same) location. To put it another way; what will be done differently/better next time? (approx. 3-4 pages)

*Be sure to apply concepts learned during this course!I want you to impress me, take something from every class this semester, and apply it to your topic in your paper.

* I don’t expect (or want) detailed descriptions of evacuation or tactical plans, nor episodes of CSI or Dr. Phil to be typed out. Think “common sense & practicality” when formulating your analysis and response and apply as many concepts (thoroughly) as you can.

You must include a cover page which has your topic, name, professor’s name, date, and the labeled “CJUS 414 Final Paper”. You must also include a “References” page in which you cite at least five (5) different, credible sources.Respectable and varied sources make respectable papers.Wikipedia is not respectable.

This means your paper will be at least seven (7) pages in length in order to possibly cover enough material to get an “A”.There is no max, but try not to go longer than 10 pages. This does not include the cover page and bibliography. 12-point font, one inch/fully justified margins, double spaced, 3-5 sentence paragraphs, numbered pages. Content is king; however improper grammar, spelling and punctuation will be penalized. Words (and wording) matter!This assignment will only be accepted on Blackboard & before the due date/time.*NO EXCEPTIONS*

This assignment is to be considered FORMAL ACADEMIC WRITING.Accordingly, personal opinion(s), beliefs, baseless speculation/conjecture, and overt emotionality shall be omitted.

Low-Paper does not abide by instructions.Flagrant disregard for fully justified margins, 12 point/Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced, 3-5 sentence paragraphs etc.Additionally, the paper is in little if no logical order.

Mid-Paper does an acceptable job in abiding by the formatting instructions.Some errors will be present, and may detract somewhat from the paper.Source material is appropriate and generally/ logically supports the point being made.

High-Paper abides by all formatting rules and “flows” logically.Pages are numbered and paper includes a proper cover sheet/bibliography and is of appropriate length (min. 7 pages not inclusive of cover/biblio)


Low-Paper draws on no or few concepts from class.The reader cannot connect concepts to subject material.There is no/little application of concepts or thoughtful inflection.Understanding of class subject matter is not apparent.It is unclear what the writer’s topic was and what they are trying to convey to the reader.

Mid-Writer generally understands the concepts of the class, and is able to convey the topic/class content to the reader.Some thoughtful inferences are made.This writer generally understands class material and demonstrates they can apply it to a topic.Some errors in logic pattern and unclear connections/conveyance of understanding to the reader will be present.

High-This paper demonstrates a thorough knowledge of class concepts and fully applies them to the topic.Relevant topics covered in class will be applied during the paper in a clear, thoughtful manner.A well-rounded understanding will be apparent.


Low-Flagrant disregard for punctuation/capitalization.”Tense Switching” throughout.Citations are not made or are so improper the reader cannot locate the source material.Spelling is clearly not a concern, with improper capitalizations and improper use of word versions (They’re/Their/There) etc.

Mid-Paper is generally legible.Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling/Citation errors somewhat detract from the overall effectiveness.Citations will have errors; however, source material is able to be located with minimal “guesswork”.

High-This paper has very few, if any spelling errors. Proper grammar is used and punctuation is appropriate.Citations comply with APA standards, and in-text materials are consistently/accurately backed up by citation(s).

the topic is “Connecticut lottery”

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