theory and best practice one page

theory and best practice one page.

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select an educational specialist/philosopher from one discussed in the textbook ( early childhood development sixth edition) I will include the list) who you believe has been instrumental in developing current teaching practices. research is required to analyze and reflect upon the influence this educator has had on current classroom issues. one page double spaced. APA format.

list of specialist to choose from :

Blyth F. Hinitz, College of New Jersey

Douglas R. Powell, Purdue University

Christy L. Williams, Fairbrook First Steps Christian Preschool

James E. Johnson, The Pennsylvania State University

David Smukler, State University of New York at Cortland

Aisha Ray and Luisiana Melendez. Erikson Institute

Jie-Qi Chen and Gillian McNamee, Erikson Institute

Elena Bodrova, Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning

theory and best practice one page

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