Timed Essay L

Timed Essay L.

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The essay is available from 00:01 Tuesday Dec. 03 until 11:59 PM Thursday Dec. 05 only

You will have one class period (90 minutes) to read the articles provided and write your essay.

You will be given two short articles, which express opposing viewpoints on the same topic. The assignment asks you to respond to the topic both articles address with an argument of your own in an essay that is 4-6 paragraphs in length. You do not need to use both articles but you must use at least one.

Use effective essay structure, with a brief introduction, middle or “body” paragraphs, and a brief conclusion paragraph.

In your essay, be sure to:

· Include a thesis statement identifying your position on the topic. To develop your thesis, provide clear topic sentences/sub-claims/reasons throughout your essay.

· Support your argument with direct evidence from the supporting text (the one you agree with), either as quoted or paraphrased material using in-text MLA citation. You can also cite personal experience, if applicable. Additionally, your evidence should be followed with close analysis/explanation of how the cited material supports your main argument.

· Be sure to address and respond to a counter-argument in your essay. In the counter argument, you should incorporate evidence from the opposing text (the one you disagree with) and respond to the counter argument by either conceding or refuting the point.

Timed Essay L

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