Topic 5 DQ 2 Comment 3

Topic 5 DQ 2 Comment 3.

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Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) are very common reported hospital-acquired conditions. As stated in your post, nurses play a significant role in reducing CAUTI rates to save lives and prevent harm. Some evidence-based best practices for preventing CAUTI include; perform hand hygiene before and after catheter insertion or manipulation, use urinary catheters only when necessary and for the shortest time possible, assess catheter use at least daily and remove as soon as possible, empty collection bag regular using separate containers for each patient, maintain unobstructed urine flow by keeping the catheter and collection tube free from kinking and the collection bag below the level of the bladder at all times and ensure only properly trained individuals who know aseptic technique are responsible for insertion of catheters and their maintenance (this includes all healthcare personnel and caregivers).

Topic 5 DQ 2 Comment 3

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