Topic: The Impact of Business Models choice on Social Enterprises:

Topic: The Impact of Business Models choice on Social Enterprises:.

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Topic: The Impact of Business Models choice on Social Enterprises: In the recent past, many organizations have developed innovative ways through which to solve some for the social problems being experience in the society. However, the organizations aim to solve the social problems by using business tactics as a way to create positive social change and generate profits. Therefore, social enterprises offer a unique opportunity through which organizations can interact with the community and develop solutions that are valuable to the society and profitable to the companies. Despite there being many social enterprise startups, only a few proper past the preliminary years. Also, despite being in the same industry, the companies do not use similar business models. The increase in the number of social enterprises ventures prompts the need to review and determine the most viable business model to use in the sector.The research aims to analyze the current trends of social enterprises with regards to business models. Therefore, the research will help to identify the best business models that the organizations on the sector can emulate. Also, it will assist to determine the business model is most unreliable for use the social enterprise sector. Establishing the impact that popular business models have on the sector will help to determine the most viable

Please follow this instructions: Write Initial Business Model and I wanted to give you further direction on the final assignment for the class. The assignment calls for you to write a 20 page (not including cover page, abstract, table of contents and references) double spaced and in correct APA format. This is an academic research paper. It is used to help you understand the process of writing your dissertation. Please note the course requires you to focus your research based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed articles. Of course, peer-reviewed articles are those which have been written by authors who are experts in a field. These have generally been reviewed by a group of outside experts who validate the content of the articles. In the world of academia, this is the way the process works for publication.

Please note that this course requires you to focus your research based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed articles.

As a general example of how to address this paper, select a company that is dealing with an issue and discuss the problem under consideration. As an example (please don’t use this for the basis of your paper), many consumers have abandoned watching traditional television programs on TV. As a result, many companies that were advertising on TV are facing a difficult challenge to reach consumers using this venue. As a result, mainstream advertisers much find alternative methods to reach consumers to tell them about their products.

You can set up the paper using the rubrics below.

Introduction section

You can discuss the contemporary strategic thinking on the issue ( IE using Television to advertise) and how you would change this thinking to create a new method to reach these consumers. It might be by advertising online, on streaming channels, etc. In this case, many of the advertisers are currently switching to this format. You would need to provide adequate detail to support this section.

A purpose statement for why this is being done

The significance of why this process is being done

Literature Review

This should be the heart of the paper. The lit review should be detailed and cover the points associated with this problem. I would strongly suggest that you build a detailed lit review just as you would for a dissertation. Again, the lit review should be peer-reviewed articles that can easily be in the University library.



The recommendation MUST include a business model developed to address the strategic thinking, decision making, and innovation problem identified in the Introduction.


I also strongly recommend the text Business Model Generation written by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. It contains a great deal of useful information that will help you write this paper.

Please make sure you are selecting a topic/issue that will contain enough information and will allow you to successfully complete this assignment. Remember this paper is being developed for the entire class so please select something that you will be happy working with. I approve this topic if you feel you can accomplish the goal of the assignment as outlined in the assignment directions.

Topic: The Impact of Business Models choice on Social Enterprises:

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