Translating English into French.

Translating English into French..

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In this presentation I would like to talk about my favorite book, “The little prince” by Antoine de Staint-Exupéry. The author, Antoine is a French aristocrat, writer, and aviator. Saint-Exupéry was a successful commercial pilot before World War II. However, in a mission on 31 July 1944, he disappeared, vanishing without a trace. In 1998, a fisherman found a silver bracelet with his name on it. During his carrer, Saint-Exupéry has wrote several ofbooks: The Aviator (L’Aviateur), Night Flight (Vol de nuit), … and most notable of all: The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince). The Little Prince was wrote based on a true experience of Saint-Exupéry in a desert crash. The book is one of the best selling and most translated books ever published. However, it was first wrote in English (although French was the author’s first language) and not translated into French until later. The Little Prince is the story for children and “all grown-ups were once children”. It is about a pilot who once dreamt to be an artist but was told that it’s not an actual job. He gave up that dream, and on one mission, his plane crashes in the Sahara, far from civilization. In the middle of the desert, the pilot was unexpectedly greeted by the laughter of a young boy. Whose hair is golden, and will constantly repeat questions until they are answered. He boy asked the pilot do draw him a sheep, and that’s the beginning of their friendship. The young boy later claimed him as “the little prince”, and through the drawing of the sheep, the pilot slowly learn about the little prince’s life. The little prince is from planet B 612, a small asteroid. There’s barley anything on that asteroid except three volcanoes as well as some small plants. Then a mysterious rose began growing on the asteroid, she is unlike any plants the prince have seen. Although the two fell in love, the prince began to feel like she was taking advantage of him and he decided to run away from her “he took advantage of the migration of a flock of wild birds”. Now is when the little prince’s journey begins. He found himself visit six other planets, each of which lived by a single adult. He later comes to a conclusion that “all grown-ups are very odds”. His seventh planet is Earth, here he learnt that his rose is not the only rose in the universe. He was upset but later come to a conclusion that “what makes her different is because he loves her”. On Earth, he also met a fox who insists to be tamed by the prince. On the eighth day after the plan crashes, the pilot finds the prince talking to a snake. He was discussing his return home and desire to see his rose again, saying “I cannot carry this body with me. It is too heavy”. The prince then convinces the pilot saying that’s the only way, and allows the snake to bite him. The next morning, the pilot is unable to find the prince’s body. He finally manages to repair his plane and leave the desert.

Translating English into French.

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