Translating First year experience

Translating First year experience.

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Reflection includes thinking and writing about the actions or interactions related to the intake and processing of information, and connecting it with previous knowledge and experiences. This integration of knowledge can happen in and out of class, as well as on and off campus.

Action generally refers to any changes in a student’s attitudes, values, awareness, and/or behaviors. Action can also include prioritizing importance of information, assessing strategies, deciding on an option, charting a path, and acting.

Looking back on your experience this semester, reflect and discuss your actions regarding your journey and how you will move forward in the future in a 2-4 page document. Please do not answer the questions above one at a time.

Self-Knowledge. Understanding of own values, talents, limitations and interests; personal authenticity and genuineness; confidence in own skills, knowledge and beliefs.

  • Based on my experiences this past semester, how have I surprised myself?
  • What areas do I need to improve on to feel more comfortable as a student at King’s College?
  • What are my character strengths and how do I define them?

Understanding of Others.Understanding of a wide variety of people in varying contexts based on a genuine interest in learning about others (attentiveness, empathy).

  • How can I better approach/understand others?
  • What strategies are successful in connecting with other individuals at King’s College?

Life Knowledge. Combination of “street smarts” and “book smarts.” Know when to push harder, know when to settle.

  • How have my behaviors changed since I’ve arrived at King’s College?

Long- Term Perspective. Confidence to realize your potential and to live your vocation (purpose/meaning).

  • What is one thing I’ve learned about my calling?
  • What actions will I take to stay on my path?
  • What is one question I still have about my calling?
  • How will character strengths encourage the work that I do?

Translating First year experience

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