Trends in Needs Assessment & Evaluation

As one considers the multitude of approaches to conducting a training needs assessment and evaluation, the old adage that ?one size fits all? can clearly be challenged. New approaches for how performance gaps are identified and solutions are designed and delivered are widely described in today?s professional literature. One need only to query the web for articles on New Trends for the current year to keep abreast of the recent development. For this assignment, you will consider some of the trends reported in the literature that will have an influence on needs assessment and evaluation in the future. /0x4*


Begin this assignment by searching the literature for reliable sources that examine the topic of current and future trends in the use of needs assessment and evaluation in the field of instructional design and technology. As you review the various sources, pay particular attention to those that relate to training needs assessment and evaluation.

Present an analysis of the results of your literature review. Discuss some of the findings on trends that are influencing how practices in performance needs assessment and the evaluation of training solutions are changing. What are some of the new approaches that technology has helped to advance? Are there any models that have been used in our instructional design industry that have been improved upon, or are now in question? What does the future hold for more effective performance assessment and training evaluation?

Incorporate the sources you located in your literature search to support your points. Make sure you cite at least five (5) scholarly articles in your paper. Your paper should adhere to APA current edition style guidelines.

This assignment addresses the following unit learning outcome:

Describe trends that will have an influence on needs assessment and evaluation in the future.

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