Paper details Conspiracy Theories Research Essay For this assignment, you will research a popular conspiracy theory. These theories have not been proven due to their lack of concrete evidence, which is why they are still considered a theory. Your task is to select a popular conspiracy theory, provide background information on the topic, research three of the more well-known reasons behind the theory and then provide the flaw(s) in each of those reasons. To put it simply, a conspiracy theory is an alternative explanation to an event. In order for a conspiracy theory to first begin, there has to be some lack of evidence or something that may not make sense. Unfortunately, what makes it a conspiracy and not reality is the lack of hard evidence.

This is why it’s difficult to prove a conspiracy theory. These are important questions when looking at any conspiracy theory: ∙ Does it make sense and/or is it reasonable? ∙ Is there a means or motive available? ∙ Is there enough evidence to support the theory? ∙ Does the conspiracy theory actually explain what happened? Process: ∙ Select your conspiracy theory. ∙ Begin researching the theory. ∙ Find three reasons/sources to support the theory. ∙ Find three reasons/sources to discount the theory. ∙ Evaluate the credibility of the sources (worksheet). ∙ Begin the rough draft of your essay. Expectations: ∙ Your essay should be a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5. ∙ Your essay should have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. ∙ Your introduction must have a thesis statement that indicates three clear, unalike reasons for your theory. ∙ Double-space your essay ∙ Type out your essay ∙ Write in third person ∙ Include a captivating title ∙ Indent each paragraph ∙ Keep paragraphs balanced (include the approximate number of sentences in each) ∙ ALL sources needed to be cited accordingly.

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