Two Fundamental Marketing Questions

Two Fundamental Marketing Questions.

Can you help me understand this Marketing question?

Kindly see filed attached titled “Questions” for question to be completed and the other two files “Q&A” “Essays” for more details on how to do the question. The “Essays” file is an example by the professor on how he wants the assignment to be completed.

Each Answer should be between 2 to 3 pages hence the total length of assignment should be between 4 to 6 Pages.
Single Spaced, no specified citation type. The more examples are mentioned, analyzed, related back to any marketing theory for example product life cycle, marketing mix etc will score the highest points. You can draw graphs, tables, anything relevant but not excessive drawing.

Should make use of real life example and focus on the key words, which are discuss, evaluate, analyze etc.
More detail is in the files “Q&A” änd “Essays”

Two Fundamental Marketing Questions

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