Unit 4 Government Lesson & Reflective Essay

Unit 4 Government Lesson & Reflective Essay.

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Part A Design a one-day, student-centered lesson activity for your government classroom. This can be a paired or individual assignment using a theme from Minogue’s reading (select one):

  • forms of government (e.g. democracy, theocracy, monarchy, dictatorship)
  • political ideology (liberal, moderate, or conservative)
  • voting rights or electoral process
  • principles of government (e.g. checks and balances, popular sovereignty, separation of powers)
  • Bill of Rights/US Constitution

NOTE: You are not required to use the UHD lesson plan format, but your lesson must have a similar flow:

  1. Objective of lesson
  2. Introduction/warm-up/sponge activity
  3. Transition(s)
  4. Main Lesson (refer to Part II/Lesson Cycle of UHD-CPDT)
  5. Closure

Part B Write a 2-page (12 pt. font, double-spaced, MLA) reflective paper of your lesson activity and consider the following questions:

  1. Please list at least three different places in the TEKS where you see this government concept.
  2. How is this characteristic of government/civics described in the Minogue reading or the TEKS?
  3. How will this activity help the student to think critically about government concepts?
  4. Does the TEKS enhance or ignore this government concept?
  5. Do you believe this government concept is vital? Why or why not?

Unit 4 Government Lesson & Reflective Essay

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