Unit 6 Discussion 1&2 Reply

Unit 6 Discussion 1&2 Reply.

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There are a few ethical issues that can be elaborated on when it comes to manged care organizations. Managed Care Organizations are really the foundation of your health. They have the ability to decide what types of care they will cover, how much they will pay out to the physician, and having an effect on patient relationships with their physicians. Being that they have much say so in healthcare, their primary goal was to lower the cost of health care for patients. Which usually leads to problems when it comes to physicians. Some physicians try to maximize the cost of care; they like to get as much incentive as they can. I think the ethical principles of managed care organizations are more so within the lines for the best interest of the patient. With them lowering cost of course there would be come consequence to care. Managed care organizations are usually gate keepers and have several different forms of systematical options. Some plans allow patients to see any physician and are usually more expensive then some plans have a specific network of providers that they will only cover. They usually try to work with patients if you have a primary care physician to get them within network, if it is not an option. Managed care organizations have become an obligation rather than an option. I believe that it is necessary to have health coverage, it just all depends on finding a good enough plan to fit your needs. When managed care organizations are not involved, there is a lot more out of cost being spent.

2. Jasmine

Although there are ethical rules that all health care providers have to practice, however, managed care organizations have those set of ethical practices plus more. Managed care organizations are considered hybrids because it is based on the insurer and the health care provider. The ethics that take place in this sort of setting are based more on business than medical relationships, unlike other sectors of health care. Some bargains and settlements work better for both sides of the business rather than the actual care of the patient. Compared to other parts of health care, the ethical magnitude is not patient-focused. Most people would agree that the way in which the insurance company and the corporation handle how health care is distributed can be considered unethical. The Bible states in Luke 6:31, “And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them” (English Standard Version). Whereas, in most cases, the patient receiving the best possible care is of the most importance, in this situation is more bargaining happened has affected the way people are cared for and the quality of care that can be received. There is more of business mentality than a caring mentality. Emphasizes are put more on finding ways to appease the doctors than finding better care initiatives for patients in need of care. Managed care organizations tend to have the ethics of business practices and carry less commitment to the ones that are seeking treatment or care from these medical practices that are being paid for treatment.

3. Kelly

Non-profit hospitals are often the facilities that require the most aid and help. They are mostly about catering to the communities and wellness of the people. They tend to lack behind private institutions for a number of reason with finances being the main reason. With that being said I do believe that non-profit hospital should be tax exempt. They do a great service to the individuals that seek medical treatment of any sort so they deserve to have some sort of break. Other facilities tend to focus more on profit and numbers outside of how well they are treating patients. The focus with non-profits is the demographic that is being targeted more so than how much money is being brought in. In Hebrew 6:10 the Bible states, “For God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love that you have shown for his name in serving the saints, as you still do”(English Standard Version). When people do right and move in a righteous manner they will be blessed and rewarded. Being tax exempt is a reward for doing services that are based on the right ethical values and based on caring about the well-being of others. Because of the work these institutions are preforming and the way they are catering to the needs of others, a simple tax break is necessary. Huge corporations are rewarded all types of tax breaks and rarely offer anything substantial to the people of the communities that they take from.

Unit 6 Discussion 1&2 Reply

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