University no Phoenix Cpss 300

University no Phoenix Cpss 300.

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Assignment Content

  1. The reentry process, which you investigate in this assignment, involves key strategies that support and promote the success of offenders who prepare to integrate back into society.

    Respond to each of the following questions, writing a minimum of 175 words for each of the following bullet points:

    • Identify the key components of the reentry process. Why is it important to start the reentry process early with offenders while they are still incarcerated?
    • Why is it important to identify offenders as clients instead of offenders during the reentry process?
    • Why is taking an evidenced-based approach strategy while reentry planning important? Focus on assessment-driven reentry planning procedures.

    the book is called Prisoner Reentry in the ERA of Mass Destruction

University no Phoenix Cpss 300

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