US history 1 – unit 3

US history 1 – unit 3.

I need an explanation for this History question to help me study.

Need help with US history 1 class

Please find the attach images for details. Class consist of 4 units and final milestones. In each unit there are several challenge which you need to pass in order to unlock milestone.

This course is on

I will share login id and passwords.

Only unit 3 needs to be done at the moment (if you do great we will be working again in future for remaining units).

Kindly if you have expertise in this field (not a googler – as you may not find all the answer on google) then only bid as last tutor messed up with unit 2 and my marks are now average. I need to pass this course so don’t play with my marks.

US history 1 – unit 3

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