(Use R studio)FIN330: Quantitative Methods Report

(Use R studio)FIN330: Quantitative Methods Report.

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Instruction and data explanations are detailed in “FIN330-finaltakeHome-2019fall.pdf” The data file is “boxoffice.txt”. Please download the data to a local computer, then use the following command to load the data in R/RStudio:

boxoffice=read.table(file.choose(), sep=”t”, header=T)

General instruction: Your report should be organized in the following order: introduction (describe the problem under your investigation), methodology (describe your data, and all your models), discussion (discuss your findings based on the statistical analysis, and comment on your final model and its interpretation), and finally one paragraph of summary. Please put all supporting tables and/or graphs in the main body of the report, and all R/RStudio codes in the appendix. Please note that your main report should be typed and no more than 5 pages (excluding R codes, Tables, and plots).

more instruction see attached (FIN330-finalL project 2019fall.pdf)

Data: boxoffice.txt

(Use R studio)FIN330: Quantitative Methods Report

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