Using Prison Programs to Manage Inmates

Using Prison Programs to Manage Inmates.

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Prison programs encompass different forms of structured activities that take inmates out of their cells. Programs can take different forms. They can be based on different theories, principles, and philosophies. Varying correctional programs are utilized to manage inmate time. Program types include rehabilitative, psychological, medical, industrial, recreational, and facility maintenance. These programs often mitigate the oppressiveness of time, and keep inmates engaged rather than idle while behind bars.


View the Riverbend City: Prison media piece (attached). Focus on the tab Prison Programs.

You have been tasked, by the warden, with creating a presentation that will be used at an upcoming corrections conference, focusing on developing a better understanding of the dimensions of programs. You have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation, 12–14 slides in length, addressing the following about programs that fall into different classifications. Based on what you viewed in the media piece:

  • Describe one potential program to address an identified need that would fall into one of the following program types:
    • Rehabilitative.
    • Psychological.
    • Medical.
    • Industrial.
    • Recreational.
    • Facility maintenance.
  • Lay out how the program type has evolved through corrections reform movements.
  • Explore two key aspects of the prison program.
  • Determine how criminal behavior assessments can be used in the determination of eligibility for the program.
  • Specify two areas of importance in maximizing the impact of the program type for corrections staff, inmates, and society.

Cite a minimum of three references in your PowerPoint.


  • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
  • Number of references: Minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references.
  • Length of presentation: 12–14 slides.

Using Prison Programs to Manage Inmates

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