using tableau to show airbnd price per bed in nyc

using tableau to show airbnd price per bed in nyc.

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using tableau to show an average airbnb price per bed in NYC.

Students will be assigned to groups of three. To show proficiency and understanding of data analytics techniques, student teams will evaluate publicly‐available financial data using the IMPACT framework, perform analysis, and develop a meaningful dashboard.

Students are required to write a 5 page paper (12 point font, double spaced) and deliver a live formal 10 minute presentation demonstrating the process and results to the class. You must also submit your Tableau file in .TWBX format. The paper, Tableau file and the PowerPoint presentation must be uploaded to Canvas by the due date.

Late submissions will receive a deduction of 10% of the total possible points per hour. Live presentations will occur during class in the last week. Students will confidentially assess the participation and contributions of the members of their individual groups through a peer evaluation form. Failure to submit a peer evaluation will reduce your group

using tableau to show airbnd price per bed in nyc

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