Using the 6 stages of the policy cycle introduce a public policy of your preference (in the first stage

Using the 6 stages of the policy cycle introduce a public policy of your preference (in the first stage of agenda setting talk about the reasoning model). We look at seven key themes of PP: security, migration, bioethics, minorities, poverty, climate change and health.
Be specific: e.g. nationality law in the UAE; the increase of dock worker’s salaries (court decision) Hong Kong, China; required Covid-19 vaccination for visitors in Brazil.

n this assignment you will be invited to write a policy brief/proposal (1000 words maximum /- 10%) on a pressing issue of your preference in which you will adopt the public policy cycle approach. Your essay should include an analysis of the existing policies relevant to the topic, different actors interested in the issue, relevant challenges of agenda setting/policy design/policy implementation, and your preferred solution to the case. You need to be persuasive in terms of both the value proposition and the feasibility analysis

Grading rubrics:
Clear explanation of all 6 stages of the PP cycle and citing sources: which are: security, migration, bioethics, minorities, poverty, climate change, and health.

Use of class reading and class material (including presentations and guest talks):
Deborah Stone. Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision-making (Norton: 3rd edition). 2011. (I ONLY HAVE CHAPTER 1 IN pDF )
Stone. Introduction.
– Stone. Chapter 1: The Market and the Polis.
– Stone. Chapter 10. interests
– Stone. Chapter 11. decisions
Stone. Chapter 13. rules
– Stone. Chapter 14. facts

– Ahmet Davutoğlu. Systemic Earthquake and the Struggle for World Order: Exclusive Populism versus Inclusive Democracy. Cambridge University Press. 2020.
Davutoğlu. 1 – Traditional, Modern, and Global “World Orders”.
– Davutoğlu. 2 – The Roots of World (Dis)Order: Geopolitical, Security, Economic, and Structural Earthquakes in the Post-Cold War Era.

– Chahine, Youssef. “The Rationale of the Administrative Thought of Ali Bin Abi Talib and Administrative Schools (A Comparative Study).” Journal of Public Administration and Governance (2020).

Murinson, Alexander. “The strategic depth doctrine of Turkish foreign policy.” Middle Eastern Studies (2006).

Nisar, Azfar and Masood, Ayesha, Imagining an Otherwise Global Public Administration: Conceptual Reflections (2021).


remember the key
Create thorough policy proposals to address specific needs of various communities and that encompass a reflexive orientation in thinking about values, choices, and actions of those policy processes

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