Verbal Abuse-Mezzo/Group Level

This paper will expand on the attached research paper on Verbal Abuse by extending the work you are doing on the problem you described to the MEZZO/GROUP Level. Please discuss your understanding of any barriers to group work for addressing the problem and how they can overcome to extend your work on the problem to the MEZZO Level. /0x4*

Your discussion should include either a plan for a group including the action steps you have already taken and those you will need to take to bring the group to fruition, or a plan to refer clients to a group within the community and the associated step.

The evaluation should include What you did that is illustrated in the actual session process. What would you have liked to do in retrospect (as you evaluate the session process), and What you plan/hope to do going forward in your direct practice work with your client, and draw upon the concept associated with the Solution-Focused foundation level model.

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