Week 1 Assignment – Logo Redesign Part 1

Week 1 Assignment – Logo Redesign Part 1.

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Week 1 Assignment – Logo Redesign Part 1

Learning Objectives Covered

  1. Define the impact of color, type, and composition within a logo
  2. Identify and apply five techniques for logo redesign considerations



In a logo, everything from color to type to composition serves to tell the story of a company. Color often serves to underscore emotion. Type embraces the form or spirit of the company. Composition endeavors to reveal symbolically the underlying structure of a company.

A logo redesign process is a delicate balance, updating the visual appearance yet still keeping its overall feel accessible and trustworthy to its established audience. Because during a logo redesign, color, type, and composition often will change, it is very important to define the underlying character qualities that a logo must represent so that those qualities can stay constant.

When redesigning a logo, the following five considerations should be taken into account:

Keep it Simple
Remember the logo must be recognizable in a variety of sizes and contexts thus overly intricate illustrations or color gradients should be avoided.

Don’t Mix Styles
A logo is the visual representation of a company. Therefore, it must present a cohesive voice and vision of what the company is all about. Mixing styles in font, color, or imagery often result in a confused message to the consumer.

Don’t be Swayed by Showy Typefaces
Though purely typographic, wordmark logos are often a very effective and flexible way to show a company’s identity. It is important to remember that typefaces themselves carry character traits and can unknowingly contribute to logo perception. Though a typeface might be unique and unexpected, it is always best to ruthlessly evaluate its readability and underlying visual message to be sure it is in visual agreement with the overall message.

Be Consistent
Often logos will need to work in a variety of settings and in a variety of layouts. For example, a primarily vertical logo must also have a horizontal variation. Conversely, a primarily horizontal logo must also have a vertical variation. As the designer, you must make sure that the message remains consistent regardless of the logos orientation.

It Doesn’t Need an Obvious Connection
Though it is tempting to use a visual illustration, icon or graphic to represent the industry in which a company is located often the cleverest logos are those that are highly abstracted and have a little literal tie to the industry. When designing a logo consider how you can capture the spirit of the company’s character.


Project Overview
For the first two weeks of this class, you will be engaged in a logo redesign project. This week you will choose a client from the five selections found within this folder and begin the design process. In week two, you will finalize the logo and show it in use within a corporate identity structure.

Logo 1: Metropolitan Art Gallery

Week 1 Project
This week you will choose a client from the list provided and create both rough sketches and black and white computer drafts of the logo. If you have an existing logo you would like to redesign for this assignment, you may use it with pre-approved permission from the instructor.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. First, choose one of the companies above. Each company has provided a vector copy of the current logo and a one-page description of the company’s goals and overall qualities. You can download both of these by clicking on the name of the company.
  2. Next, conduct visual research for inspiration.
  3. Complete nine preliminary black and white sketches of possible logo concepts keeping in mind company requests and overall character. You can complete these sketches either by hand or on the computer. If you complete the sketches by hand you will need to scan them or take a photo of them for assignment submission.
  4. Once you have completed your nine sketches, choose three of the most promising directions and create a further refined black and white version of each of these logos on the computer.

Submission Instructions:

  1. When you have completed all parts of the assignment, create a multi-page PDF that includes the following:
    1. Minimum of 9 sketches (in black and white) showing a wide range of exploration of the redesign process
    2. The three refined best logo directions from your sketches in black and white
    3. Include the original logo when presenting the three refined black and white logos
    4. List the company’s keywords as found in the company document
  2. Name your file: DES242_Assignment1_FirstLast.pdf and submit for grading

Week 1 Assignment – Logo Redesign Part 1

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